Even though i hold my views on things, which i publicly share, i have not been very political person for a long time. I believe that not watching most of the news channels is better for keeping peace of my mind so i don’t watch it. I used to, and stopped. And i regret nothing but the fact that i haven’t given up news earlier.

But i did become political after Donald Trump got serious and i realized this was real. People were really starting to get behind celebrity billionaire to become president of the United States. But nonetheless, this is golf blog, and Trump actually operates few golf courses and claims to be avid golfer himself, so i wanted to discuss Trump and other presidents, how often and well did they play golf (if they did) and if they didn’t, who were the ones who didn’t play.

 First of all, i want to quickly discuss why is it that almost all presidents love playing golf so much. Let’s take Obama, who was supposedly busiest and one of the best presidents of USA – he spent his free time playing Golf. Donald hasn’t had chance to prove himself yet, but we know for certain that he’s very much into golf. On the other hand, Trump tirelessly criticized Obama for spending so much time on golf course (even though i don’t think he spent that much time). He doesn’t mind to do the same himself, though.

  Let’s start with Democrat Bill Clinton, because he’s the first president i clearly remember. As far as i know, he was very much into golf, and actually, he and Trump used to play together on one of his courses. According to some articles i saw, but don’t remember where, he still has locker in Donald’s golf course. His golf success might be associated with having the best seniors golf clubs ever made. I guess he and Donald really were good friends until all this started. In my opinion, Clinton was great president, and even though he made some mistakes, i doubt those mistakes had anything to do with golf. So let’s move on to Bush.

 Bush was heavily criticized for taking so much vacations and spending them traveling around the world, but he didn’t spend much of that free time golfing. Sure, he did play golf, but some sources say that he didn’t love it. But still, as far as we know, he played Golf quite well.

 Obama is famous for his love of golf. The guy spent the little free time he had during his 8 year presidency, playing golf. And according to few who have played with him, he is supposed to be really good at it. It’s no surprise considering he excels at everything he does, at least in my opinion.

 Trump has just become president, although managed to spend a lot of time playing Golf and promoting his golf course businesses on presidential rallies. It is quite hypocritical though, considering he constantly complained about Obama spending too much time playing Golf. I want to see how well his 4 year term turns out to be, just to compare it to Barack’s achievements.



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