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Some problems i have with modern golf shoes

I have used my Nike golf shoes for 4 years, and i noticed that it started to wear off, so i decided to find new golf shoes. My Nike shoes weren’t made for golf actually, they were tennis shoes, but it didn’t bother me as they were very comfortable and effective for walking across the golf course. But this time, i considered getting spikeless golf shoes instead, which are supposed to be quite the same. They are advertised as sneaker-like comfortable golf shoes made for people who are uncomfortable with spiked golf shoes. At first glance, i thought these were as good as golf shoes can get, and while i wasn’t wrong, i certainly overestimated modern golf shoes.

 First things first, i had to decide on a brand. As mentioned before, i had used Nikes for several years, so i was biased towards that brand. But i also considered Adidas, Ecco and Puma golf shoes. All three are top notch brands with great products, but after trying them on in my local retailer, only Nike felt right. So i didn’t give it much more thought and settled on Nike. And i can’t say i am disappointed – the shoes are holding up great so far. What i’m disappointed with though, is the color. But honestly, it was my mistake, and had nothing to do with the brand or the shoe. I bought Nike Lunar shoes in white color, because i thought they looked the coolest, which they did, but it didn’t come without a downside. Before buying any sort of white shoes, remember that cleaning those is a nightmare. Keeping them clean is literally a nightmare, so whenever you have a chance, go for darker colors – black, brown or anything. Time i spent on cleaning my white Nikes was not worth, not even close the benefits of looking great.

 The reason why i settled for my Lunar Controls, even though i like them now, was because literally nothing else was available in my size. I have size 14 feet, and my local retail stores only had handful of golf shoes available in that size, so i had to choose from small pool of options. I have no complaints, my Nikes are great so far, but i would’ve definitely liked to be given option to choose my golf shoe. I recently discovered online stores, Amazon in particular, is quite good with having large golf shoes in stock. Custom colors are not always available, but it’s still better than what retail stores have to offer.

 Also make sure your spikeless golf shoes are made of best material possible, preferably that would be leather. Golf shoes made of cheap materials might look stylish at first, but will be ruined quite quickly, within few months. This article about best walking golf shoes is actually good read for people looking for quality.