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Golf irons for beginners, what are game improvement irons

As an experienced golfer, i feel like newbies have harder time choosing golf clubs than i did 30 years ago. Back then, there weren’t as many products to choose from and the clubs were generally simpler. In the nineties, Callaway and other big brands have started innovating and coming up with new improved designs for drivers, irons and woods, which is good, but it can also be confusing for a lot of people. I think golf clubs today are great for people with golf gear know-how, but very confusing for beginners. Truthfully, all they need is decent affordable golf club set that will have minnimum amount of clubs possible, because a lot of beginners struggle telling the clubs apart, and choosing when to use them.

If you are beginner totally clueless about golf and everything, read some golf tutorial to help you choose best rated irons for get better understanding of golf clubs. Just remember that the price is not a very good indicator of how good golf irons are, especially for beginners. If i were to start playing golf now, in 2017, i would get cheap golf club set or borrow it from my friends, and just start playing. Eventually, with good mentors, you’ll get better and as your handicap decreases, you can upgrade to better clubs. I think it’s better to keep it low profile because there’s no guarantee that you’ll play golf more than few times before giving it up. In this case, if you do move on from golf, you’ll at least have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars in worthless golf gear. With that being said, affordable Callaway Strata or Wilson sets would be my first choice, but one should also consider getting used club set from eBay or CallawayPreowned. Used clubs are usually even cheaper.

 I feel like i must also address game improvement irons and explain what they are used for. A lot of beginners ask me how game improvement irons are different and whether they’re worth spending hundreds of dollars on them.

 The only difference between game improvement and regular irons is that as name suggests, GI irons are designed to improve your game quality. With regular irons, unsuccessful hits missing sweet spot will still cover alright distance, while on the other hand, regular irons will fail even with the slightest hitch. Although i think failures can be a decent way to learn and improve your game, so i think regular irons are just alright for beginners.

Plus, i am very much against people thinking that expensive clubs like game improvement irons actually improve your game. They don’t. You will have better results indeed, but it will be inflated due to good golf clubs. And you won’t have your golf clubs with you all the time, so your results will get much worse. I don’t know about anyone else, but i don’t want my results to be attached to certain golf clubs.