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Some problems i have with modern golf shoes

I have used my Nike golf shoes for 4 years, and i noticed that it started to wear off, so i decided to find new golf shoes. My Nike shoes weren’t made for golf actually, they were tennis shoes, but it didn’t bother me as they were very comfortable and effective for walking across the golf course. But this time, i considered getting spikeless golf shoes instead, which are supposed to be quite the same. They are advertised as sneaker-like comfortable golf shoes made for people who are uncomfortable with spiked golf shoes. At first glance, i thought these were as good as golf shoes can get, and while i wasn’t wrong, i certainly overestimated modern golf shoes.

 First things first, i had to decide on a brand. As mentioned before, i had used Nikes for several years, so i was biased towards that brand. But i also considered Adidas, Ecco and Puma golf shoes. All three are top notch brands with great products, but after trying them on in my local retailer, only Nike felt right. So i didn’t give it much more thought and settled on Nike. And i can’t say i am disappointed – the shoes are holding up great so far. What i’m disappointed with though, is the color. But honestly, it was my mistake, and had nothing to do with the brand or the shoe. I bought Nike Lunar shoes in white color, because i thought they looked the coolest, which they did, but it didn’t come without a downside. Before buying any sort of white shoes, remember that cleaning those is a nightmare. Keeping them clean is literally a nightmare, so whenever you have a chance, go for darker colors – black, brown or anything. Time i spent on cleaning my white Nikes was not worth, not even close the benefits of looking great.

 The reason why i settled for my Lunar Controls, even though i like them now, was because literally nothing else was available in my size. I have size 14 feet, and my local retail stores only had handful of golf shoes available in that size, so i had to choose from small pool of options. I have no complaints, my Nikes are great so far, but i would’ve definitely liked to be given option to choose my golf shoe. I recently discovered online stores, Amazon in particular, is quite good with having large golf shoes in stock. Custom colors are not always available, but it’s still better than what retail stores have to offer.

 Also make sure your spikeless golf shoes are made of best material possible, preferably that would be leather. Golf shoes made of cheap materials might look stylish at first, but will be ruined quite quickly, within few months. This article about best walking golf shoes is actually good read for people looking for quality.

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Golf irons for beginners, what are game improvement irons

As an experienced golfer, i feel like newbies have harder time choosing golf clubs than i did 30 years ago. Back then, there weren’t as many products to choose from and the clubs were generally simpler. In the nineties, Callaway and other big brands have started innovating and coming up with new improved designs for drivers, irons and woods, which is good, but it can also be confusing for a lot of people. I think golf clubs today are great for people with golf gear know-how, but very confusing for beginners. Truthfully, all they need is decent affordable golf club set that will have minnimum amount of clubs possible, because a lot of beginners struggle telling the clubs apart, and choosing when to use them.

If you are beginner totally clueless about golf and everything, read some golf tutorial to help you choose best rated irons for get better understanding of golf clubs. Just remember that the price is not a very good indicator of how good golf irons are, especially for beginners. If i were to start playing golf now, in 2017, i would get cheap golf club set or borrow it from my friends, and just start playing. Eventually, with good mentors, you’ll get better and as your handicap decreases, you can upgrade to better clubs. I think it’s better to keep it low profile because there’s no guarantee that you’ll play golf more than few times before giving it up. In this case, if you do move on from golf, you’ll at least have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars in worthless golf gear. With that being said, affordable Callaway Strata or Wilson sets would be my first choice, but one should also consider getting used club set from eBay or CallawayPreowned. Used clubs are usually even cheaper.

 I feel like i must also address game improvement irons and explain what they are used for. A lot of beginners ask me how game improvement irons are different and whether they’re worth spending hundreds of dollars on them.

 The only difference between game improvement and regular irons is that as name suggests, GI irons are designed to improve your game quality. With regular irons, unsuccessful hits missing sweet spot will still cover alright distance, while on the other hand, regular irons will fail even with the slightest hitch. Although i think failures can be a decent way to learn and improve your game, so i think regular irons are just alright for beginners.

Plus, i am very much against people thinking that expensive clubs like game improvement irons actually improve your game. They don’t. You will have better results indeed, but it will be inflated due to good golf clubs. And you won’t have your golf clubs with you all the time, so your results will get much worse. I don’t know about anyone else, but i don’t want my results to be attached to certain golf clubs.

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How well and frequently did last 5 Presidents play golf?

Even though i hold my views on things, which i publicly share, i have not been very political person for a long time. I believe that not watching most of the news channels is better for keeping peace of my mind so i don’t watch it. I used to, and stopped. And i regret nothing but the fact that i haven’t given up news earlier.

But i did become political after Donald Trump got serious and i realized this was real. People were really starting to get behind celebrity billionaire to become president of the United States. But nonetheless, this is golf blog, and Trump actually operates few golf courses and claims to be avid golfer himself, so i wanted to discuss Trump and other presidents, how often and well did they play golf (if they did) and if they didn’t, who were the ones who didn’t play.

 First of all, i want to quickly discuss why is it that almost all presidents love playing golf so much. Let’s take Obama, who was supposedly busiest and one of the best presidents of USA – he spent his free time playing Golf. Donald hasn’t had chance to prove himself yet, but we know for certain that he’s very much into golf. On the other hand, Trump tirelessly criticized Obama for spending so much time on golf course (even though i don’t think he spent that much time). He doesn’t mind to do the same himself, though.

  Let’s start with Democrat Bill Clinton, because he’s the first president i clearly remember. As far as i know, he was very much into golf, and actually, he and Trump used to play together on one of his courses. According to some articles i saw, but don’t remember where, he still has locker in Donald’s golf course. His golf success might be associated with having the best seniors golf clubs ever made. I guess he and Donald really were good friends until all this started. In my opinion, Clinton was great president, and even though he made some mistakes, i doubt those mistakes had anything to do with golf. So let’s move on to Bush.

 Bush was heavily criticized for taking so much vacations and spending them traveling around the world, but he didn’t spend much of that free time golfing. Sure, he did play golf, but some sources say that he didn’t love it. But still, as far as we know, he played Golf quite well.

 Obama is famous for his love of golf. The guy spent the little free time he had during his 8 year presidency, playing golf. And according to few who have played with him, he is supposed to be really good at it. It’s no surprise considering he excels at everything he does, at least in my opinion.

 Trump has just become president, although managed to spend a lot of time playing Golf and promoting his golf course businesses on presidential rallies. It is quite hypocritical though, considering he constantly complained about Obama spending too much time playing Golf. I want to see how well his 4 year term turns out to be, just to compare it to Barack’s achievements.

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Is Golf Racist? Most likely.

The laugh was not interesting anymore. It never was, of course, and also the feeling of revulsion experienced by all-in golf considered on Sergio Garcia. A line dressed-up as banter had become a spot on the figure of Garcia that may never wash away. The talk should have been a celebration of the stellar talent on exhibit over the four nights, about tennis at the flagship event of the European Tour. Alternatively Wentworth reeled by Garcia’s ill-judged insult beneath a pall cast that was racist.

The cynical present to prepare fried chicken for tennisis national totem not only pointed into a tolerance of everyday racism inside the individual, it did nothing to counter the prejudice that is deeply-held that golf is really a game limited to middle class white folk. Precious few black people are revealed by a sweep of Wentworthis refined lawns. 153’s field is extremely bright, peppered solely by the unusual entry from Japan.

Tennis is ready to accept all but not all choose to occupy the supply, which should really be a problem for that game’s stakeholders, who on times similar to this are open to the barb that they care more regarding the aspects of the putting swing compared to distinctive demography of its constituents.

Garcia was suitably contrite, so that as far as everyone could inform, sincere in his apology. He said sorry to Woods and, most significantly, to the European Visit, his other specialists, with whom he gives a competition that has never been wrong although anything and which lately made toxic. But this is unique.

The statement of Garcia stated not outrage in a perceived minor but an abhorrent and dangerous attitude towards a player according to competition. This can be property from without actually persuading the dark group that hobby is actually a sport for them which tennis has galloped in a furious fee, however. Garcia recognized the gravity of his position, proclaiming that it prompted him to take into account withdrawal from your BMW PGA Tournament and had kept him awake all the evening.

“the moment I left the meal I began to get yourself an experience that was ill in my own body, ” he said. “I was not able to sleep in any way. I felt like my heart went to turn out of my body and that I’ve had a feeling all day long. It has been difficult to hit a go without thinking about it. Sadly I mentioned it. The thing I can do is state sorry.”

It had been expected that Woods might be the truly amazing stereotype-buster to interrupt. The theory that tennis was a for middle-class elites was traditionally reinforced with a separated society overtly that is split along racial lines. The competition bar was removed Augusta National, at Americais many renowned team, simply 23 years back when it admitted its first member. However the region team picture remains mainly a site that is white.